That was tough!

As the title says, that was tough! My first run of the new me. To my supprise I didn't try and talk myself out of it when my alarm went off at 06:30. I grabbed my stuff, got changed and got cracking. I felt great, didn't have the usualy feeling of dread, the feeling of is it over yet? The first 2.5k flew by, I had a great feeling that i was going to smash it. That remained until arround 3.75k, the 4k notification took for ever to buzz. From that point on it was difficult. The last 1k was the toughest and slowest as you'll see in the stats lower down.

I think the final 1k was especially difficult as I wasn't sure at what point on the route it would end. I ran an extra bit than I had planned to ensure I met that final 1k mark. I know now, so hopefully on future runs that final 1k won't be such a slog!


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